Posters, frogs and kisses – et besøg hos Emma Sivellink

Hun har det, hun beskriver som et ’kæmpe crush på København.’ Selv er hun vokset op i det sydlige London og har arbejdet for store amerikanske designer brands. Det var før, hun blev forelsket i en dansk mand og en hovedstad en del mindre end hendes egen.

I dag er Emma Sivellink ikke længere sammen med sin danske mand, men byen hun blev forelsket i, er blevet hendes hjem og en stor del af hendes design-arbejde

All your posters illustrate Copenhagen. What is your own relation to Copenhagen?
It's my home … I think you can pretty much see my cycle route from the design work. The designs are also a huge great love letter… I adore this stunningly beautiful city!

How did you start making illustrations? 
At the end of 2013 I started the illustrative design blog "An Icon a Day", photographing and illustrating Copenhagen. In February 2014 KBH Magasinet wrote an article about my blog. That day my following on the Facebook blog doubled. After numerous requests for the illustrations to be printed, I released the prints Chicken at the Lakes and Østerbro Frogs. I took them to Just Spotted and we sold out of the initial prints in 10 days…it's really just grown from there.


What is your ambition with your art?
I'm not sure… but I do love it when an image encourages story telling... I've had emails from complete strangers telling me their childhood memories and personal stories, an unexpected joy from starting this project. I've heard of car journeys heading home, first kisses, apartments once owned and joyous cycle rides after evenings out. Other people’s stories are now part of how I see magical Copenhagen.


Can we hear an example of a story?
I received this really adorable email from a woman that knew a couple that had their first kiss on a bus going past the Østerbro Frogs… The couple later married. In 2009 when Toms Chokolade decided to take down the neon sign at Vibenshus Runddel the husband wrote to Toms and asked if he could have one of the frogs… They agreed and he gave the frog to his wife as an anniversary present.

Do you have a dream for the future?
I consider myself an incredibly fortunate person.
Through a combination of hard work and luck, I am a freelance designer – my dream job. For all of its ups and downs, complications and stressful moments, this is a career that suits my talents and temperament supremely well…

I don't know if I have a dream… I don't find dreaming/procrastination helps the work process. I set a goal and make my way there.

What is the next goal?
I really want to do some London prints. It would make sense when I’m actually coming from London… I think it would be fun – I already have some ideas.

Se stemningsvideoen fra vores besøg her.